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We are a Lead Generation and Referral source for DJ’s. We Partner with various DJ’s to provide our Clients with a wide assortment of Prices and Options. We provide current day Bride leads to our DJ Partners.

The Short Story:

  • You work for and represent yourself
  • You keep your availability calendar up to date and establish your price range
  • System emails you leads from Client inquiries for dates you are open, in your price range
  • You follow up on the leads (phone and/or email). Create a canned or template email for easy follow up.
  • If you close a lead, report it to us as part of updating your Calendar
  • Pay the referral fee (15% not to exceed $100), OUT of the Deposit.
  • You can even submit your own leads to our DJ Partners and system. If the lead books, we’ll split the referral fee with you! See our Cash for Leads Page.
  • You can setup Client reviews add a Video, and have Clients review you with our links.
  • Check out the Sample Client link below to see what clients see.
  • That’s it!  Easy Man. Now read on

Here at Easy DJ Productions, we are always looking for Smart, Good, and Professional DJ’s to join our Team for Weddings and Parties!  We offer a very nice opportunity for the right guys and gals, but you still represent yourself (a sub contract relationship).

We have first page positions in GOOGLE for the prominent Key Words. We invest heavily in Google advertising. We have featured listings on the Knot, Wedding Wire, and Pittsburgh Wedding. Brides find our Website and then find YOU!

Easy DJ Productions uses our Smart Website to capture and email you targeted current day leads from Brides shopping online for: DJ services, in your price category, on a date you are Open!  See our Sample Client link below for a demo. We strive to offer our Client Professional DJ services for Weddings in all price categories, and Parties too.

We are a Pittsburgh DJ Company and also a lead generation and referral business and generate targeted leads. We are owned and operated by a local Pittsburgh Wedding DJ / software developer. For DJ’s we book and refer parties too!  It’s FREE to join our DJ team (after a screening), but we ask a very reasonable referral fee but ONLY if you Close on one of Our Leads.

Our system is perfect for both:

  1. Busy successful DJ’s with only a few available dates to fill (since we can bring you leads on those dates)
  2. DJ’s starting out OR simply wanting more dates to fill their calendars.

Our Smart website with online calendar and pricing categories makes our Client Match easy to use and VERY effective for Both Clients and our DJ’s. Read about How our Website works, then quickly see what the Client sees.


How our Website works:

  • Clients complete a quick form to view our DJ’s and select pricing categories.
  • We separate our DJ’s into categories (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) to make it easier for Clients to select the “best match”.
  • Our website instantly shows a scrolling list of DJ’s Available on the date within the clients pricing category.
  • Client sees your Bio, Picture, Contact info, Embedded Reviews, and even Videos all on one page.
  • Client gets an email with contact and website links to each DJ available.
  • DJ’s get a lead email, about the Client (if they are available on the date and within the price category).
  • Our system sends out 3 additional automated email follow ups (1 week apart) reminding Clients about our DJ’s and asking if they’ve made a selection. This also serves as a “check up” on our Team to ensure Bookings are being reported back to us.
  • Returning Clients can easily (retrieve or change) their original search to continue viewing Available professionals.


Sample Client:

  • Use our Sample Client link (opens in a new), to See for yourself . 
  • Shows How the system works and what our DJ Team’s Profiles looks like.
  • Our Sample Client selected ALL DJ Categories for and event on 12/24/2011.
  • PLEASE do not submit test Clients yourself. But rather use our Sample Client to see what DJ Profiles look like.


Referral Fees:

  • We charge the most reasonable referral fees in the industry.
  • Our referral fees only apply if you Book one of our leads.
  • We offer targeted leads on dates you are open
  • Leads are current day Brides shopping online for DJ services in your pricing category.
  • Leads don’t get any better than that!
  • We have a select group of DJ’s for each category so your not buried on page ten.
  • Referral Fees are 15% (not to exceed $100).
  • Fees are to be paid to Easy DJ out of the deposit. Not after the job.


Pre Booked Dates: 

We offer our Clients the ability to BOOK a Wedding or Party Online through US. Then WE select and assign the DJ. We also call this Easy Book. As a member of our DJ Team, you may receive these offers from time to time. We tend to get more Parties booked this way than Weddings, but Weddings do occasionally happen, especially in the lower price ranges of $400 – $700. If you receive one of these offers, ALL details are enclosed in your email. We use OUR Contract for these and you DO NOT issue your own Contract for these. However, you treat the date like any other date you booked yourself.  We do not charge the DJ’s any additional fees over our normal for this Pre booked Services.


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Easy DJ Productions
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